Last updated
February 10 2022

Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in Neaty! If you need further information do not hesitate and reach out to me at


Raw screenshots and app icon images can be found here. If you need additional assets just send me an email.

About the app

Neaty is a productivity app which aims to offer a simple user experience.


  • Create/Manage ongoing and completed projects, give them a title, a description and a category. You can optionally set deadlines. A notification will remind you when a deadline is close.

  • Create beautiful coloured notebooks, where you can take notes or write down your thoughts.

  • Save useful resources from the web for your projects and assign them an action (watch, read, listen).

  • Possibility to create a to-do list sorted by level of priority.

  • Recording feature for audio notes.

  • Highly inspirational quotes will motivate the user throughout the day.


  • One time $3.99 USD IAP to get unlimited projects
  • Free users can fully utilise the app up to 5 projects (The number of free projects might be subject to change).


No ads is present at this time

About the developer

Hi, I’m Enrico Capano an Indie iOS developer from Italy, based in London.

I have been working as a geotechnical engineer first in Paris and then in London for about 3 years now. I have always been fascinated by people making apps and over the pandemic I decided that my current employment was not going to be permanent. In fact since then, I started to study iOS development on my own. After about 1 year of study I released my first app Neaty and I am now starting to apply for iOS roles.

Besides coding I love to play basketball, watch movies and dance salsa.


To have unlimited access to Neaty or for any other questions please contact me at